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TJ Aerosense

DJI Agras T30

DJI Agras T30

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  • Swath Width of 29.5 ft (9m)
  • 16 Nozzles Configuration
  • 88 lbs (40kg) Spreader Hopper (optional)
  • 35 Acres Per Flight Hour
  • Dual Camera (Front and Back)
  • Spherical Obstacle Avoidance

DJI Agras T30 sprayer drone has a 30 liters (7.9 US gallons) tank capacity. With the new plunger pump system and the larger capacity, this drone can spray up to 35 acres in one hour of flight time (30 to 35 acres per when considering the battery replacement and refilling the tank).

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35 Acres Per Hour

The Agras T30 is outfitted with a 7.9-gallon (30-liter) spray tank, boasts a spray width of 29 feet, and achieves a field spraying efficiency of 35 acres per hour, which is a 33.3% improvement over its predecessor.

Spherical Radar System

The spherical radar system can perceive its surroundings in all environments, under any weather conditions, and from every viewing angle. Its automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions enhance safety during operation.

Optimal Route Planning

The innovative intelligent route mode autonomously determines the optimal path for each task. A gauge displays the remaining liquid payload and the estimated time to refill in real-time, enabling operators to optimally manage payload and battery duration. Additionally, the aircraft features automatic edge sweeping to ensure thorough spray coverage and simplify aerial operations.