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TJ Aerosense

DRONE TENDER Bare Package | 20' Bumper Trailer

DRONE TENDER Bare Package | 20' Bumper Trailer

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Introducing the 20' DRONE TENDER Bare Package by TJ Aerosense, a top-of-the-line drone trailer designed for professional use. This package includes a sturdy and reliable drone trailer that is perfect for transporting, storing drones securely, and optimizing every part of your operation. The product features a durable build, ample storage space, and easy-to-use design, making it ideal for any spray drone. The 20' bumper DRONE TENDER Bare Package is a must-have for those looking to have a great quality trailer but also have the ability to customize it to your wants and needs. Upgrade your drone game with this premium product in the Drone Trailer category.

Orders typically take 6-8 weeks once placed!!


  • 20' roof
  • 10' fully insulated and enclosed 
  • 10' open space
  • Bumper Hitch
  • 13,500 Btu AC unit 
  • Duo 7,000 lbs. axles (max weight 14,000 lbs.)
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