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TJ Aerosense

DRONE TENDER Full Package | 24' Gooseneck

DRONE TENDER Full Package | 24' Gooseneck

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The 24' DRONE TENDER Full Package by TJ Aerosense is a top-of-the-line offering in the Drone Trailer category. This comprehensive package includes everything you need to elevate your drone operation. The package features a sturdy and secure trailer for transporting drones, storage compartments for accessories, a durable exterior for protection during travel, fully plumbed, and is optimized for every spray drone operation. The 24' gooseneck DRONE TENDER Full Package is perfect for any spray drone pilot looking for convenience and reliability in their drone operations. Upgrade your drone experience with the 24' gooseneck DRONE TENDER Full Package from TJ Aerosense. 

Orders typically take 6-8 weeks once placed!!


  • OPTIMIZED FOR T40 Ready to Fly Kit's
  • 800 Gallons of Liquid Storage
  • 24' walkable roof
  • 13' open space
  • 11' enclosed fully insulated interior
  • 13,500 Btu AC 
  • Duo 7,000lbs. axles (Max Weight 14,000lbs.)
  • Two 9" Light Bars Facing the Rear
  • One 9" Light Bar Facing Side Door
  • Fully Plumbed (electrical, hose, fittings, etc.)
  • 6 State Pump
  • 50' Hose Reel with 1" Hose and Diesel Nozzle

*Does not include generator*

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