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DJI Agras T20P

DJI Agras T20P

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The DJI Agras T20P is the latest and most advanced model in the Agras series, offering significant improvements over its predecessor, the DJI Agras T20. This lightweight and agile drone boasts a 20-liter (5.28 gallons) spray tank and a 25 kg (55 lbs) spreader, making it perfect for various agricultural applications. Elevate your farming operations with the DJI Agras T20P, the ultimate solution for precision agriculture. Purchase one today and revolutionize your crop management practices.

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  • 7m (22.97 ft) spray width
  • Field operation efficiency of 27 acres/ Flight Hour 
  • Orchard operation efficiency of 6.6 acres/hour 
  • Spreading efficiency of 1 ton/ Flight Hour
  • Unmatched Efficiency and Performance


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Seamless Compatibility with the Agras T40

The T20P serves as the compact and portable version of the T40. This drone delivers the same dependable performance in a more lightweight form. Enjoy the seamless compatibility with T40 batteries, chargers, and interchangeable components such as propellers, motors, pumps, and more. Take advantage of the T20P's versatility and convenience for all your aerial needs.

Enhanced Spraying System

Achieve precise and uniform product application with the cutting-edge dual atomized spray disk and a 5.28-gallon spray tank. The sophisticated design ensures an even spread for maximum coverage, mirroring the nozzles and 30-foot spray swath of the T40. Unrivaled by any drone of similar size, it can also empty its 5.28-gallon tank in less than two minutes.

Turbocharged Remote Controller

Equipped with an 8-core processor, the remote controller enables you to map 16 acres in merely 10 minutes. It also allows for the creation of spot spraying missions right in the field, a testament to its advanced capabilities. The mapping feature simplifies the creation or importation of spot spraying missions from agricultural software, which the remote can then process or generate on-site.