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DJI Agras T40 Spreader System

DJI Agras T40 Spreader System

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This high-quality product is designed specifically for the DJI Agras T40 drone, enhancing its capabilities as a precision agricultural tool. The system includes a durable spreader mechanism that ensures even and efficient distribution of fertilizers or seeds. With this accessory, you can effectively cover large areas with ease, saving time and resources. The Agras T40 Spreader System can carry 110 lbs. (50kg) of dry material and has a 70 liter tank. The T40 spreader's new lid is much larger, which increases the spreading efficiency by reducing the refilling time. The T40 users can spread 1.5 tons of dry material per flight hour at the standard flight height of 10 ft (3m), with a spread width of 22.9 ft (7m) and an operational speed of 15.65 mph when spreading 133 lbs. per acre (150 kg per hectare).

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