Discover How Many Acres a Spray Drone Can Cover in a Single Day

Discover How Many Acres a Spray Drone Can Cover in a Single Day

Curious about the capabilities of spray drones in agriculture? In this blog, we delve into the topic of how many acres a spray drone can cover in a single day. By exploring the efficiency and range of these advanced technologies, you can better understand their potential impact on farming operations. From precision spraying to time-saving benefits, discover how spray drones are revolutionizing the way we approach crop protection. Stay informed and uncover the answers to the question, 'Discover How Many Acres a Spray Drone Can Cover in a Single Day', to harness the full potential of this cutting-edge agricultural tool.

Typically, 2 gallons per acre (GPA) is considered the standard carrier volume for most products applied via aerial spraying. The maximum achievable efficiencies at 2 GPA, accounting for landing and refilling times, are as follows:

  • T10: 15 acres per hour
  • T20: 25 acres per hour
  • T30: 35 acres per hour
  • T40: 40 acres per hour

At a lower GPA, the efficiency of each drone will increase slightly; at a higher GPA, the efficiency will decrease.

When you initially begin using your drone, achieving coverage of 35 to 40 acres immediately is unlikely. Mastery of any technology comes with experience, which is gained through practice. Additionally, you must consider the time required for the drone to travel to and from the spray zone in the field, the duration of refilling, and your efficiency in relaunching it. The cumulative ground time can be significant. The more things aren't optimized, the less efficient you will be causing your total acres covered per day to be lower. 

So, in a 10-hour day, after you have gotten the hang of the drone and become efficient at it and taking into account the average of 35-40 acres per hour, you're looking at 350 to 400 acres with one T40. The more drones you add the more cumulative acres you will be able to get done. 

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